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Truths Of Healing - This is a story of expansive healing.

It is with a grateful heart that I welcome you to my website. If you are reading this then you are someone who is definitely searching for answers just as I had been. Living with pain and disease is a frightening experience. Feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness often overwhelm us and exacerbate a sense of unworthiness and silent desperation, and one begins to feel as though they are simply existing and not truly living. Quality of life is lost. I used to feel as though I were drowning in the mire of insidious physical symptoms that abruptly appeared and consumed my physical body and eventually my mind. To be told by physicians and the medical scientific world that there is no cure for what is making us sick only increases our fear and dependency on prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs to ease our pain and suffering. My search for the truth of healing has spanned many years of my life and it is with the deepest humility and gratitude that I reach out to share with you the loving truths of healing that provide answers at the highest level of awareness. These truths were once understood in our world, and have sadly been forgotten in the midst of our physically focused, technology oriented world.

This is a story meant to be shared with the world. Within its essence are self-evident, empowering truths. It is time for us to understand disease and healing from a more enlightened perspective than what our medical scientific community offers us. We need to know and understand that we can prevent disease, maintain our health of body and mind, and heal our imbalances when we create them. We can learn how to live a balanced healthy life using spiritual philosophy principles that every one of us can learn and apply to ourself and our life. This isn’t about “effective treatments” and indulging in a multitude of supplements and medications, nor is it about physical processes. It is about learning the truth of who, and what we are. When we purchase a new car or computer, we learn more about its function and operating systems than we ever learn about our physical body and mind, and the infinite connection between the two and its relevance to our state of health and wellbeing. Why is this?

TRUTH:  I have healed my FIBROMYALGIA after sixteen years; my SJOGREN’S SYNDROME after nine years; this includes removal of silicon punctual plugs that had been surgically implanted in my tear ducts due to inadequate tears;  my IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME after forty-nine years; my CLINICAL DEPRESSION and ANXIETY/PANIC DISORDER that was with me for most of my life. Healing is permanent and complete at a cellular level. No prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs were used.

I would like to present you with a Spiritual Focus for Change and Self-Healing. I want to be your trigger in assisting you in coming to a higher truth about the underlying cause of Fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s Syndrome, and other chemical imbalances, and how to heal them. WHAT I HAVE DONE OTHERS CAN DO. I am no different than you. We all have the ability to heal ourself. We are self-healing organisms. Did you know that? What we usually do not have is the knowledge of how to heal ourself. Self-knowledge of the physical and spiritual self is the most loving, nurturing, and ultimately healing gift one can give to self. Spiritual Philosophy has taught me that we are so much more than we believe ourself to be. Truths of healing are the foundation of Spiritual Tutoring, and Neural Depolarization.

Spiritual Philosophy teachings have given me the knowledge to understand the whole of me, how my body works, what my mind really is, how my mind works, and the healing truths about my interdependent relationship with earth, nature, the universe and all of humanity. I respect, and value the beautiful and powerful internal electromagnetic energy that flows through my nervous system giving me life. Addressing the whole self has allowed me to create expansive healing at a cellular level. I have learned how to work with my physical body, my mind and emotions of soul, and my spirit consciousness. To work with the ego, intellectual mind and the physical body, is to work with only with the physical energies of self, and this cannot create internal balance and complete healing. We are more than simply physical matter with a head and body.

I have known since early childhood that we create our own diseases and that we have the internal power to heal ourself with our mind. I am now living the truth of this childhood memory as I continue to learn and grow creating a life filled with health, happiness, joy and peace, creating a harmony and rhythm within me that I have never known before. Ancient in its wisdom and perfection, Spiritual Metaphysical Philosophy taught as the Science of Life has given me the ultimate keys to the truths of healing.  True healing speaks to more than just the physical part of us.

Why is this different from everything else out there? IT WORKS! I AM NOT SIMPLY IN REMISSION, OR LESS-SICK, AND I AM NOT TAKING MEDICATIONS. I am completely healed, and understand how I have done this. What makes this even more wonderful is that I understand the truth that others can do this, too!

My years of involvement with the medical scientific community and its world of prescription drugs and surgeries, have taught me that doctors and medicine do not heal anyone or anything. Prescriptions drugs merely cover up symptoms, suppress the disease process that is being created within the cellular structure of the body and brain, and with time, only exacerbate the existing condition and cause an expansion of disease when used on a consistent basis.  Medicine does NOT address underlying causes of illness and when they do not have a cure, they simply tell us that “we must live with it for the rest of our life” and/or die from whatever it is. What a limited negative perspective to have. Just because medicine doesn’t have a cure, doesn’t mean there isn’t one! Medicine and physicians do not have all the answers. I have learned that doctors have the same fears and beliefs as everyone else.  If they had all the answers, there would be hundreds of thousands of people being healed/cured, and this is not happening.  We have more disease in our world today than we have ever experienced before, the focus on prescription drugs is at an all time high, and these medications are being dispensed like candy. We are taught that only doctors and medicine can cure us and therefore we have become dependent upon the medical system to save us. I have learned a more accurate truth - we each have the ability to heal ourself.

Do I have a point of reference from which I speak? Yes! I do! During my many years with disease and an immune system that was ultimately shutting down, I initiated a personal search for truths of healing that lasted twelve years. During this period of time I sought treatment with more than twenty-three physicians and practitioners from both traditional medicine and alternative-integrative fields. Throughout my multiple years with disease, I was also prescribed more than sixty prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs in just about every category of drug you can imagine. They didn’t make me healthier, they made me more ill. With the passing of time, my disease process continued to expand.

I experienced multiple alternative modalities, spent seven years in psychological and psychiatric therapies, transpersonal therapies. I studied spiritual and religious teachings of eastern, and western cultures. I participated in several Self-Help Programs and disciplined exercise programs. I listened to and viewed tapes on pain management, positive thinking, and balancing of the Chakras. I took Yoga and Qi Gong classes. I meditated. I participated in Acupuncture, Myo Fascial Release Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Osteopathy, Back Therapy, and Polarity Therapy. I read books about Psychic Powers, Astral Projection, and Energy Medicine. I studied volumes of medical literature, texts on nutrition, herbal therapies, homeopathy, and numerous self-help books. All of them left me wanting for lack of answers.

I may be saying things that sound foreign to you, and are not in keeping with your current belief system, but do not let it prevent you from opening up your mind and your heart to hear the truth of my words. Allow them to resonate deeply within you. I have learned that we must be willing to change the way we think in order to grow beyond our diseased thinking and our diseases. Disease is a way of getting our attention and it teaches us something when we are open to it. Whatever we create, we can heal. I have learned that healing is not simply of the physical body, and for true healing to occur it must permeate all three dimensions of us- physical, soul and spirit. Anything less is a band-aid approach.

My heart is reaching out to touch yours. Be open and you will feel that touch. We are so much more than we believe ourselves to be. Each of us has the enherent potential to create healing from within. Self-knowledge is empowering! We can learn how to restore and regenerate our cellular structure, and change our belief system and our focus from one of disease and fear to one of health and love. Begin your self-healing journey back to health using your power of creation to create a different realty for yourself. The truth is that we can heal if it is our choice to do so. Truth always sets us free.

More exists than just the physical perception and interpretation of life and disease. We are taught to give control of the health of our physical body and mind to doctors and medicine. We believe they have the power over our living and dying, and when they can’t “fix” us, we accept their prognosis as truth, and as all there is. I chose to perceive my life and my diseases from a higher level of awareness. The spiritual knowledge to understand my own internal power of creation has given me the freedom to “think” differently and release my attachment to a physical belief system that teaches us to give our power away to everyone and everything.  I understand that I am personally responsible for my health and happiness and am living the results of having chosen that path of truth. I am the only one who is responsible for the health of my physical body and mind, no one else. I love feeling in command of my life and all that I experience from my new and expanded level of internal balance. I am no longer dependent upon the medical world to “fix” me with cold, insensitive and invasive procedures only to be treated with prescription drugs that are harmful to me. Medicine is there for me in emergency situations, and for that I am grateful, but for the rest of my beautiful life I now have the knowledge that helps me to maintain a healthy balance of my physical body, my soul mind and emotions, and my spirit consciousness. I am experiencing a previously unknown peace and comfort in this energy of freedom that has put me in command of my life. We have the right to experience a healthy, loving, balanced quality of life. The spiritual truth belongs to each and every one of us, we are all equal as spiritual beings, and spiritual knowledge gives us the why and the how to become the internal creators that we are. These truths are the exquisite essence of healing.

A special note: My intention is to do no harm, and to assist in creating a healthier perspective and elevated level of awareness within the collective heart and mind of our world. Medical Science has the ability to do wonderful things thanks to the superior technology we have available to us. A partnership between patient/client (as healer) and the physician/practitioner (as a facilitator) would be the ultimate in a loving and ethical relationship relevant to health and healing in our world.

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